Following the Wallow

Three young men set out on a journey across Ecuador and Colombia, always in search of the next paradise where they can wallow in adventure (and hot springs) to their heart’s content.


Meet Cody Wagner, 24, graduate of the University of Iowa and esteemed industrial engineer. Cody is the brains of the group, solving mechanical problems on a daily basis, and utilizing his lifetime of experience with camping to smooth the rigors of biking through wild terrain.

Next is Jonathan Williams, 25, graduate of Luther College, and instructor at NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). Jon has extensive training in outdoor recreation, bringing invaluable experience and knowledge from both his career and his previous six-month bike trip. Jon is also trained in emergency response care, rounding out his responsibilites as medic and bike technician.

Last is Ryson Stuart, 24, also a graduate of Luther College, and aspiring writer. As media specialist for the trip, Ryson hopes to keep family and friends informed (and hopefully entertained) as Jon and Cody carry all his stuff across South America. Ryson also brings his meager knowledge of how to string sentences together in Spanish to serve as primary translator for the group.

These three young adventurers set out on September 9th for their flight from Chicago to the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. After checking and double-checking their gear and packing their bikes in large cardboard boxes, the boys are off and ready to go!


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